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Building the "Dillon Laker 14" Tunnelboat

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The project starts with the tunnel sides, which also serve as a pair of full-length girders to which all the bulkheads are joined.

Here's the first tunnel side, cut to its basic outline.

This piece is a full 14 feet long. The Laker will take up all of my available shop space.

The first tunnel side with notches cut for cross-beams and larger openings for (slight) weight reduction and for air circulation within the hull.

I will use this side as a template to trace its mate.

Bulkheads cut out, and most of the beams. Time to get some shape on.

The inner bulkheads (between the tunnel sides) are permanently installed. The outer bulkheads are temporarily clamped in place just to show off.

Installing the tunnel battens, seventeen in all over a 46" width.

All the tunnel battens installed, about ready for some plywood.

The tunnel plank is installed, as are the tunnel spray rails.

I've also added a small molding where the plank and sides meet.

The outer sections of the bulkheads have been installed. A stringer, the "sponson keel," has been added to the bottom edge of each tunnel side.

Some glue blocks are being added to the bulkheads -- getting ready for the rest of the sponson stringers.

The sponson battens installed, and doing a test fit of the chine.

The piece of plywood in the foreground is a temporary brace attached to both sponson tips to hold them square and properly spaced.

Installing the lower sides.

There's no such thing as having too many clamps.

Bottom closed in, although will add a second layer of 5mm plywood to the pads.

Final coat of epoxy.

Next step, turn this thing over.


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