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Raceboat Cockpit
Construction Notes
Page Three
'Glass, Carbon and Kevlar

If you are making a non-reinforced cockpit, a couple of layers of fiberglass on the exterior of your cockpit are probably sufficient. You may saturate the glass with either epoxy or polyester resin.

A reinforced cockpit, on the other hand, starts with a layer of fiberglass set in epoxy.

Layer two in a reinforced cockpit is carbon.

I used a single 50" width, which was enough to include virtually all of the driver's position.

Layer three is Kevlar.

Again I used a single width, but this stuff was a good deal wider and definitely took in the entire area in way of the driver.

Finish the outside layup with a second layer of glass over the entire cockpit.

At this time, I also troweled on the first coat of sanding filler -- epoxy thickened with phenolic micro-baloons.

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