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Raceboat Cockpit
Construction Notes
Page Six
Final Assembly

Sand out the initial application of sanding filler, and then add more, as needed.

Spot fill the trouble spots.

The dashboard and a small bulkhead are fiberglassed in. The exact location of the dashboard is again subject to your personal preferences or situation. Sit down inside the cockpit, decide just where the steering wheel should be located, then put the dash at least a few inches farther forward than that.

The bulkhead, which will carry the forward bearing for your steering shaft, should be 18" to 24" forward of the dashboard.

For more information about installing a steering system, see my Sport C Construction Notes

There may be other ways to trim out the cockpit opening. This is the solution I came up with.

Using epoxy (heavily thickened with silica), I glued on dozens of small pine blocks. Each piece was held in place with a strip of masking tape.

Don't neglect to spread glue between the blocks as well, to fill the gaps and help hold the whole thing together.

I used a spokeshave to shape the rough blocks. It's an ideal tool for this sort of thing. But you may want to use your belt sander or disc sander.

In any case, finish of with sandpaper and blend it in smoothly with the cockit's exterior and (to a lesser extent, perhaps) interior surfaces.

Before installing the cockpit into your boat, I suggest installing the hardware. You will never have this sort of access to the interior again.

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