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Todd Huber Builds a Dillon Pro Tunnel

After building a Pro Vee, Todd is now working on a Pro Tunnel.

Todd lives in Louisiana, USA.

Here are the bulkheads and transom.

The tunnel sides and cross-beams mounted on a strong base. A nice setup.

"... [A] comment made by Tony [Fortuna] during his build of the Tunnel that, the second build goes much smoother and faster in dead on."

Tunnel battens in place.

And now working on the sponsons.

I like to complete the bottom (plywood, finish) before turning over, but Todd elected to turn over at this point and complete the framework.

The framework is essentially done, ready for plywood planking.

"This Pro Tunnel was a blast...." Todd reports.

"I... had everything you see done in two weeks of building."

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