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Todd Huber builds a Dillon Pro Vee

Todd is building his Pro Vee at his home in Lake Charles, LA.

In order to stretch the length 12", he added an extra bulkhead forward of the transom

Here the beveling of the keel is under way.

"Once I start working on it each day I can't seem to leave it," Todd says. "I've put a couple of 9 or more hour days into it and never even thought about stopping for a drink much less lunch."

The sinuous shape of the bottom comes to life.

"Then while at work chasing criminals (cop), I always have my construction notes close by to study. I feel like I'm ten all over again. LOL."

Turned over, and ready for the next phase of construction.

Lookin' sleak, and ready to run.

The deck is on and the front cowling in place.

A view from behind.

A little customizing to the coaming.

And now on to the paint.

"Next is to paint the cockpit and install the steering which is already built," Todd says.

Lookin' good in the sunshine.

Nice work, Todd.

A couple more photos, "borrowed" from Todd's post on Boat Racing Facts Forum.

"I will soon be hanging my motor," he says on the post, "a Yamaha 25 3 cylinder, and finishing the rigging."

He also says: "For those of you that have always wanted to build a boat, give Dillon a look. Great customer service with any questions and advice."

Many thanks for the kind words, Todd.

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