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Ralph Johnson builds a Dillon Mini Vee

Ralph Johnson built this Mini Vee in South Australia. He built it for his driver, Geoff Cutler.

Ralph lengthened his boat by twelve inches and flattened out the "V" a bit.

Their plan is to test the boat with a Yamato 302, then go to a modified 25hp Suzuki.

The boat is currently out getting painted.

Here's a pic sent to me by Rod Muller. In fact, that's Rod at the wheel.

Ralph's Mini Vee is powered by a Yamato racing motor. "One mean little motor...," Rod says. Ralph reports that the boat was going about 100 kph (~60 mph) when the pic was taken.

Ralph stopped by to help Rod get his boat going a bit faster. See Rod's page for an update on that effort.

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