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Justin Mahaney builds a Dillon Pro Vee

Justin is building his Pro Vee in Bewdley, Ontario, Canada.

"I am thinking of powering it with a yamato 302," Justin says. "I am really hoping I can break the 60 mph mark at some point."

"Plans have been great so far!"

"Its been 3 days of building.. ( a couple shorten due to work) but here is some progress."

A lot of progress, I'd say. This project is moving right along.

"Found a couple more days to work on the boat."

"Some patience planing the bevels...

"... and now bottom planking of plywood has started. Soon its going to be time to decide on a finish."

"The bottom pretty much finished, just waiting for possible fiberglass/gel coat."

Bottom planking done, ready for the pad.

Right side up. Job one is to remove the temporary bulkhead between the coamings.

Lookin' good.

Looks like some insulation board installed for flotation. I've tested this stuff and find that a cubic foot will support 65 lbs. The two-part pour foam claims to support 60 lbs.

The interior of the hull is painted. Appears to be just about ready for the deck.

Deck completed.

Next, she goes upside down again for fiberglass.

And then the deck gets a coat of epoxy resin.

Finishing starts with some primer...

... followed by some beautiful topcoats.

A better look at the color of Justin's Pro Vee.

More work on the finish. Almost done.

And then it's on to the cockpit. Wow, carpet lining. Nice touch.

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