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Dennis McGinnis builds a Dillon Mini Tunnel

Where else do you start but at the beginning. Drawing up the bulkheads (frames) right on the plywood works very well for this boat. Or, you can choose to make templates (freezer paper works well) and then transfer them to the plywood.

This Dillon Mini is being built by Dennis McGinnis.

Setting up the bulkheads on the jig, as seen from the bow.

Dennis used a string line to help line things up.

The set-up from the transom end, with the tunnel battens in place. Attention to alignment yields a nice flat platform for the tunnel plank.

The sponsons really start to take shape with the addition of the longitudinals. Some nice clear lumber is needed here to make the necessary bends.

Nicely beveled and ready for planking.

The tunnel sides have been added, as seen from the bow and the stern.

Followed by the tunnel plank and the the tunnel spray rails.

UPDATE, NOV 2008: Dennis reports the project is on hold for now. "Life just took me in too many directions for the last part of this year, not the least of which was that Hurricane that really screwed things up."

"Hopefully things will free up again soon and I can get back to work on the boat. If so I'll send some more pictures."


"... I am working 2 jobs.... Right now life is taking me for a ride and I don't seem to be able to control my time very much at all."

"I have made a little more progress on the Mini Tunnel but not a lot. The bottom is finished and I am ready to flip it but that's where it stands. It sat there for a long time with no work being done at all. I really want to finish it and run it but have had so little time to work on it. Nevertheless I have been squeezing out some hours here and there...."

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