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Don Slomke builds a Dillon Mini Vee

Don is building his Mini Vee in West Virginia.

He has opted for the "zero setback" version. The zero setback Mini that I built earlier this year has worked out very nicely.

Just a week after buying his plans, he has the preliminaries already in place.

Don says he is "18 hours into it."

More progress, with the battens in along the bottom edges of the coamings, and some extra bracing added between bulkheads three, four and the transom.

And then all that is capped off with the keel.

Battens trimmed, glue blocks added to the stem, and the sheer clamps bent into place.

The full shape of the Mini Vee is revealed. Looking good!

Time to install the bottom.

Another view.

Turning over the boat is always a significant milestone, a chance to really see how your project is progressing, and the feeling that the job is (maybe) half finished.

Blocks of flotation tucked into place. Time for the deck.

Another view.

With the foredeck installed, time to work on the cowling. Don has chosen the angled version.

A peak down into the cockpit.

The motorboard in place, waiting for cleats to support it.

"Wood work is 100% complete!" Don says. "Whew!"

And in record time, maybe. Don bought his plans barely a month ago.

The steering is roughed in and the interior finishing has begun. Don also reports that the first coats of epoxy are on and have been sanded.

A view from behind.

I would prefer to see the cleats backing up the motorboard turned 90 degrees so that their wide sides are attached to the coaming, providing maximum support.

A nice paint job and it's a beautiful boat! Nice work, Don.

And nothing exotic here. Don used Rustoleum polyurethane enamel, which you will find at most hardware stores. At about $9/quart you can't go wrong.

Just a rub rail to be added, then the rigging.

Nothing like some major sponsorship to help pay the bills -- or wish they were....

"All it needs now is a prop, steering bar and controls," Don reports. "I can't wait until it warms up so I can give it a test drive."

A shout-out to Yours Truly and our favorite racing class. Thanks, Don.

This is the view you want your competitors to get used to.

Don shares this building tip:

"SportWing... sells the 'rubrail' I used on my Mini Vee. A single 26' roll works out about perfect for the Mini Vee and only costs $32."

You can find SportWing HERE

"After applying the molding with the double sided tape, I installed # 4 x 3/4" SS flathead screws about every 8 inches along the gunnel. I pre-drilled holes in the molding and added a small countersink before installing the screws. It gives the boat a nice finished look and protects the hull sides nicely."

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