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Drew Walker Builds a Dillon Laker 14

Drew is building his Laker in Doha, Qatar.

"I've made a fair start on the Laker," Drew reports.

Here he is making up the blanks for the tunnel sides.

"I'm having a great time doing this project...."

Drawing the long, sweeping curves of the tunnel sides.

The first tunnel side drawn and cut out, the second one is more easily established by tracing.

Gluing up the bow beam and transom beam.

Initial assembly of the tunnel sides and the bulkhead beams.

A trial assembly of some inner bulkheads.

All the beams in place.

Drew's Laker project safely stored while he's away from home.

"More instalments to follow after my vacation," he says. "I'm hooked!!!"

Drew is back at it. Here he is installing the tunnel battens.

Tunnel battens hanging long at the stern, waiting to be trimmed.

Also installing the sponson keels. And the tunnel side spray rails are in place.

With the tunnel completed, Drew has moved on to the sponson battens.

"I'm progressing quite well...," he reports, "sometimes hampered by work or beer, but enjoying the build thoroughly."

Moving on to the chines, sheers and deck stringers.

Drew is using zip ties to hold some things in place. A neat idea that I intend to borrow (or steal).

The lower side goes on, along with the outer spray rail.

The bottom looking pretty much done.

Nice job, Drew.

"Hi Bob, Happy new year. Things are finally shaping up for the Laker."

Here the screw holes are filled, the seams patched, and a fillet applied at the sponson/tunnel joint.

"Applied with an expired credit card," Drew says.

"Epoxy undercoat applied and lightly sanded," he says. "A process repeated 4 times."

"The top coat went well for the first two coats. However, the third coat went on very spattery in poor light within the warehouse. I flatted it with wet and dry paper. It feels smooth to the touch, but doesn't look perfect."

"I suppose if a member of the public ever gets the opportunity to slag off the finish of my sponson pads it will be the least of my worries, as I'll be drowning :)"

"Was a relief to see it the right way up tonight. The hidden joints between tunnel battens and the tunnel plank all appear tight so I am delighted."

Looking good, indeed.

"More timber being added and the template for the coaming being fitted."

"Drain holes completed."

"Coaming nearly complete and the deck ply added."

"I should complete the deck plywood [soon]," Drew says. Then just the motorboard to complete the woodwork. I must say, it will be a relief to start the mechanical install and stop glue sniffing :)"

"Motorboard epoxied in place and coaming height reduced."

"Motorboard from the inside with oak knees."

"Topside epoxy filler sanded down and a nice wash clean outside."

"Construction foam left over from floatation serves well for the cockpit and sponson tips. To be fibreglassed over later."

"Aluminium subframe inspired by Tony Fortuna. This shall carry all ancillaries and is surprisingly light."

See Tony's structures HERE.

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