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Randy Bearden builds a Dillon Mini Tunnel

My bad!

Randy sent me these photos more than two years ago, but they got lost in my clutter and I am only now making a page for them.

I hope to get an update soon. Would love to know how the boat turned out.

Randy built this Mini Tunnel in Trenton, Michigan, USA

At the time of these photos, he was about ready to test.

That's a nice looking 1970s vintage motor. Should push this boat along very nicely.

"Here are some pics of the finished boat," Randy writes, after I (finally) published his earlier photos.

That's a beautiful boat, Randy. Thanks for the pics and the update.

"I have had about 20 or so people try it and every one said they had a great time."

"I built the boat for my daughter and she has had a great time in it we hope to get to a race next season up in MN or at Kankakee."

That's great news, Randy. We'd love to see you here in Minnesota. And we now have possible racers from Florida, Louisiana, Illinois and Michigan to join us at the Nationals in Kankakee. That would be exciting.

July, 2012: Lauren Bearden joined us in a GT Pro race at the Roar on the River event in Trenton, MI. Our first non-TCPBA GT Pro racer! We're hoping to see her again at the Nationals.

Game face: ON!

Lauren, along with Becca Fortuna, chasing Yours Truly in my Mini Vee.

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