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Roberto Boatto builds a Dillon Pro Tunnel

Roberto is building his boat near Venice, Italy.

He tells me he plans to run a 240hp, 2.5L, V6 Mercury. "... maybe too much!!!," he says.

YES, too much. Waiting to hear more details.

The Details

"Naturally, I' m not crazy!!!" he reports. "I have used your project as starting base, but the boat has been resized.... The lines, the angles have been observed but the hull [is] much longer (18 feet) and higher. All the boat is renforced with two layers of fiberglass with [epoxy] glue and the part below has another layer of carbon fiber. For withstand the power of the motor I have created a reinforced cell."

"[A] photo with me. I'm... 5,40 feet."

Yes, I can see that's not your average Pro Tunnel.

"After a lot of heavy work the boat is ready to start."

"The colors are inspired [by] a F-14 of US NAVY."

"I like your country because if I live in a free country I must thanks your states and the Marshall general."

Many thanks for that, Roberto. And beautiful job on the boat. Can't wait to see it on the water.

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