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Joe Bouscaren's Dillon Laker 14

"A friend and marine mechanic built me your Laker 14.

"I am using a 1989 Evinrude that was modified to turn it into a true SST 60 motor. (Short shaft, SST gearcase, powerhead re worked by Wienandt Performance and dyno’ed at 118 hp at powerhead at 8,000 rpm)."

"Just went 64mph (gps) into a 7 or 8 mph headwind, was only able to glance at rpms briefly but they were near 7,000.

I am sure there is more speed in it with some more experimentation, but 64 is plenty exciting in your Laker 14!"

"Just got 68mph...."

"Great boat!"

Onboard video, hits 71 mph.

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