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Brent Compton builds a Dillon Mini Vee

It all starts with lines and curves drawn on plywood. Bulkheads, stem and coamings are expanded full-size right on the wood that will become the boat. Here Brent appears to be drawing the coaming.

Brent is building his Mini Vee in Michigan, USA.

Assemble those basic parts and the form of a boat quickly emerges.

Another view. Looks like Brent has chosen the high coaming option.

Add the keel and the sheer clamps and now you really see what it's about.

"Got the bottom on," Brent reports. "Investing in a new belt sander is a real good idea (a good one helps) ha."

Adding flotation foam.

Decked over, and a test pilot installed.

A nice paint job really makes the raceboat.

"Got the motor and steering on!!!"

A pic borrowed from Facebook. Looks like a Ron Hill chopper on there.

Always good to have a sponsor.

Brent take his first ride, and he brought a video camera along.

See it on Facebook

A good side view of Brent's boat. A "little more paint and decals," he says on his Facebook page.

He's gone the longshaft root with a high jackplate to accommodate it. The high center of gravity doesn't really seem to bother these boats. A couple of our Mini GT racers use longshaft motors -- they are a lot easier to find out there on the used engine market.

Brent has set up a trim system using a trim tab actuator in place of a hydraulic cylinder.

"I have not tried it yet in the water...."

Looking forward to the results.

This subject recently came up on Boat Racing Facts

LATER: "I took the boat out..trim worked great!" Brent reports. "Gps was reading 50mph...."

"Still getting the trim worked out...running about 45 here," Brent reported on Facebook.


After some trouble... "Built a new trim bracket...this one won't bend."

"I milled it outta a solid piece of alum."

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