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Keith Drennon builds a Dillon Mini Vee

Keith, from South Carolina, bought his plans very recently and is obviously off to a quick start.

Bulkheads one and four (and the transom, not visible here) fit into slots in the coaming, while bulkheads two and three are attached with cleats.

A deep cockpit gives your shoulder something to lean against in a turn, and provides a general feeling of security as you bounce over the waves.

The plywood keel and the sheer clamps installed.

The sheer clamps reveal the true shape of the boat.

And now it's time to intall the bottom.

It's been a while since we heard from Keith. Here, he's in the process of installing the deck.

"I have been very busy and had to take a break, but the boat is allmost done."

"I hope to have it done in a few weeks," Keith says.

"The only thing left is to paint it and hang the motor."

And here it is, looking ready for paint and rigging. We'll look forward to the pics of the painted boat and hopefully some action shots.

A coat of paint brings it all together, even when it's just the primer. Keith hopes to have the color on soon, as soon as the weather permits.

Keith reports that he has "too many hobbies," a complaint many will sypathize with. However, he is still enjoying building the boat and expects to have it on the water in May.

Looks fast already!

The Drennon Mini Vee gets its first water test.

Still shopping for just the right motor. Hope to see it running soon.

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