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Wayne Holtzclaw builds a Dillon Mini Vee
And hopes to bring GT Pro racing to the Southeast

Wayne is from Florida, where he is active in promoting Formula One/Champboat racing on the PROP Tour. He is hoping to build several GT Pro boats to jumpstart the class in Florida.

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As always, the project starts with a short stack of lumber and plywood.

Next, you line up your skilled workforce.

"This is my son - this is our first big wood working project together," Wayne says. "He's 5, but his 12 year old sister will be ready to race next season with me. He has 2 other older sisters too, [age] 14..., and an 8 year old sister who will be hell behind the wheel of a boat

Getting started: a pile of bulkheads.

And the coamings.

Wayne is building this Mini Vee with AC exterior plywood.

"On the next one I'm going to use marine ply, but for the first one, I wanted to keep cost down in case I screwed something up. My thought is build one so I know exactly how it goes together, maybe tinker with it a little bit, and see what I might change, then build the future ones with better materials."

"I've marked everything, cut the slots where needed, and am showing you the "dry" fit; I'll be leveling everything and squaring everything in the next couple of days...."

"Instead of using a hole saw to cut lightening holes, I opted to leave a sturdy edge, and cut out the inside."

"Got everything squared up and level, and have installed the temporary brace for the stem hook."

"Been away for a while," Wayne reports, "sometimes life just gets in the way lol. Anyway, have finally gotten the keel shaped, and will be proceeding over the weekend."

"I'll spend some time this weekend, giving it the final sanding it needs."

"Next step is to install the two bulkheads that I left out of my way while I sanded the bottom."

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