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Andy Keegan Builds a Dillon Laker 14

Cutting out some basic pieces: some cross-beams, and a stack of bulkheads.

Andy is building his Laker in Dorset, England.

Assembly proceeds.

The bottom appears to be complete.

Now the deck is on, waiting for more details to be added.

The cockpit coming together.

Under the hood (bonnet?), as it were. Simple drum and cable steering; foot throttle; a lot of instruments and wiring.

A dashboard with a few dials to monitor.

"I have now completed the build for the laker 14.... On her first run she performed really well, we were running on the standard prop that came with the [90 hp, two-stroke, Yamaha] and it wasn’t in best condition, however we did get speeds up to 48mph with 2 passingers."

"I would expect with a different prop and getting used to the hydraulic jack plate she would go a fair bit faster. I now have all winter to make some tweaks!

I would like to say that I enjoyed every moment of the build and thank you for making that possible."

A short video of Andy's first run.

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