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Joonas Kurkaa Builds a Dillon Pro Vee

"Greetings from Finland!" says Joonas.

As always, the project starts at the beginning -- laying out the bulkheads on plywood.

"I started to build my boat few weeks ago. It's pretty easy to build!"

The completed bulkheads.

Test-assmbling the stem and associated bulkheads with the forward ends of the coamings.

More assembly of coamings and bulkheads.

"I hardened coamings at rear end with double-layer of plywood."

Adding cleats to the bulkheads and stringers to the coamings.

The keel is installed as well.

The keel and stem beveled for the plwood bottom.

The completed framework.

"I just ordered 3mm plywood," Joonas reports. "I get it in few weeks, then I can start bottom planking.

Getting started on the bottom.

Bottom planking completed.

Blending the pad into the hull planking.

"I put 4mm plywood to bottom and deck plus 1 layer fiberglass. 3mm was hard to find."

Hull turned over. Carlins clamped into place.

Decked over.

Motorboard in place, along with the reinforcing planks which tie it to the coaming.

Dashboard and bulkhead. The forward bearing for the steering shaft will be mounted on this bulkhead.

Seat and steering wheel ready to be installed.

A 35hp Johnson to power the Pro Vee.

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