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Ray Long builds a Dillon Mini Vee

Ray is building his Mini Vee in Leonardtown, Maryland, USA.

"I added some bracing and support as you can see." That would be a cross-member between bulkhead #4 and the transom, as well as some additional lumber along the bottom edge of the coaming.

"I just purchased a [Mercury Mark] 30H and that's what I intend on using to power the boat."

Here the keel is being laminated and installed in one operation.

The sheer clamps have been installed, and he has started beveling them, here seen where they meet the breasthook.

The entire frame neatly beveled, waiting for bottom plywood.

Bottom, pad and lifting strakes installed.

A big milestone in any boatbuilding project: turning the hull over.

But there's plenty of work yet to do.

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