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Nathaniel Malek builds a Dillon Sport C Tunnelboat

Nathaniel is building his boat in Australia.

"I am building this for my last years school project (HSC)."

I began gathering ideas and thoughts last year on the style of boat I wanted and what I wanted out of the boat."

"So i have made a couple changes to the original plans and after looking at Clint Wasserman's boat at the end of last year. My aim for the boat is very similar to Clints boat, trying to incorporate as many features as possible that will make it a better overall performance, as well as being able to take a passenger behind the driver."

"I have bought Radiata Pine for the internal components of the boat and Okoume marine plywood for the sheeting. I have milled all the battens, chines, stringers and beams with the help of my father."

I bought West Systems 105 with Fast Hardener

Been testing the Epoxy resin on scrap timber to get comfortable with doing it on the real project.

"Begun by scarfing the tunnel sides."

"To scarf joint l first practiced with a router and found it was difficult to get the perfect scarf joint l wanted. So l resorted to the belt sander that gave me a the clean scarf joint l wanted. One of them is ready for glue."

"One of the Marine Plywood had a void which isn't meant to happen so l am getting a replacement for that and redoing the scarf on that. After l get the new marine plywood l will scarf then glue with epoxy Resin."

"I have cut a new piece from a sheet of plywood and used the belt sander to scarf it."

"Using 5:1 parts of epoxy resin to hardener, l let it cure overnight. Turned out well and as expected."

"Using a Stringer l got the Tunnel Walls to the right dimensions."

"Added fins to the front of the tunnel walls, This was suggested by Clint [Wasserman]. As seen on all F1 Race boats today. Planned down to the exact measurements."

"Duplicated it and put the beams through the tunnel walls."

"Made the Bulkheads then duplicated them."

"Added the 42inch on all beams and a straight beam to go along it. making sure l have 90 degrees in all corners."

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