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Corbin Martin builds a Dillon Pro Tunnel

Corbin built his Pro Tunnel in Lakeville, MA, USA.

Here is the initial assembly of bulkheads and tunnel sides.

Adding stringers to the tunnel. The board across the bow is a temporary piece to keep the tips of the sponson sides properly spaced and aligned.

Framing up the sponsons.

Instead of completing the bottom, Corbin elected to turn her over and continue installing stringers.

Almost done.

Upside down again and starting to add plywood.

The coaming goes in.

And finally the deck, and some custom details.

"I am not a carpenter whatsoever," Corbin says. "I am an automotive tech by trade [but] with just basic carpentry tools I had no problem understanding and building this boat."

Some basic paint...

... and the details.

And finally out in the sunshine.

"I look forward for next winter to build either your new tunnel or a V Hull. Thanks again for such a great design."

"Just wanted to send a pic of my first run in the tunnel. AWESOME Boat!!!" -- Corbin

And a few more action shots.

Thanks, Corbin. Nice job on the boat. It really seems to fly.

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