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Rob Mather builds a Dillon Pro Tunnel

"Love the plans! What started as a fun little river runner here in Grand Rapids Michigan has already turned into a family race team. Look to join the Michigan hydro family with the first race for us in 77 days.

Did the first bulkhead layouts last night. Let the fun begin!"

"Scarfing together the tunnel sides."

Wait a minute, is Rob building his boat in the kitchen???

"I have a very understanding wife," he reports.

I believe him!

"More work in the kitchen."

"Test fitting parts, need to make a few minor adjustments using a 5mm solid core underlayment board throughout. Planning on a full epoxy seal and glass mesh & epoxy on the bottom."

"Transom beam all glued up."

"Stem [aka "bow beam"] and bulkheads 1,2,3 glued in, temporary bracing to keep everything square."

Beams, bulkheads and tunnel sides appear to be all assembled.

Tunnel battens in place.


"Bottom done, ready to flip."

"Coaming two up."

Rob is making his Pro Tunnel into a two-seater.

"More work on the two seat cowling."

Two seats wide up forward, then the cockpit narrows to the normal size aft.

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