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Sergei Paramonov (Сергей Парамонов) builds a Dillon Mini Vee

Sergei has built a most unique Mini Vee, "Slightly modified for fishing."

Sergei is from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia.

The entire building process has been documented on this forum. Google doesn't translate it very well into English, but you can get the gist.

As usual, construction begins with the bulkheads. But, we can already see that something different is emerging.

Bulkheads attached to somewhat simplified coamings.

As I mentioned, the Google translation isn't all that good, but it sounds as if Sergei used the kitchen of an unfinished house as his workspace. This picture seems to support the contention.

Installing the sheer clamps, and adding glue blocks to the stem. The keel in already in place.

The bottom plywood is on, along with the pad.

A pair of lifting strakes each side.

Turn over the hull and seal all the interior surfaces.

Adding glue blocks to bulkheads and stem.

Foredeck and front cowling installed. This is a much more ambitious cowling than is called for in the plans. Very nice!

A run of conduit to carry wires between the driver's controls to the motor and other systems.

Anything that captures air will suffice as flotation. So why not a bunch of water or pop (soda) bottles? I built a kayak that has a few gallon milk jugs trapped under the deck.

A lot of patching and other body work to do.

And then sand it out, almost ready for paint.

Some trim at the sheer and the coaming. And a short after deck.

Some sort of initial finish or fill coat.

This homemade jackplate has hydraulic rams to make adjustments on the fly. That will be especially handy in those shallow fishing holes.

Another ram for trim.

The entire jackplate tilts, a very nice setup.

Two pumps required for this hydraulic system. And room for one small battery to run it all.

A unique dash setup. And if I'm not mistaken, that's an electric anchor windlass just under the cowling.

Considering all the systems and features on this boat, it actually floats quite high. Nice job, Sergei.

I couldn't translate any information regarding the inflated structure along the deck. Additional flotation?

Let's go fishing!

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