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Jeff Perry builds a Dillon Mini Vee

Jeff, from Pennsylvania, USA, has obviously built a highly modified version of the Mini Vee.

"... I needed to modify your design to shorten it. The boat will be used as a dingy on my big boat, secured cross ways, and the bow might smack a piling when tying up at the gas dock. I managed to shorten it down to just over 9 feet...."

Jeff replaced the plywood bulkheads with conventional lumber frames. He also pre-formed the bow in fiberglass.

The deck.

"...the running hull shape remains true to your plans. I used more conventional hull construction methods to both allow the davits to have something to hook to, and to allow a passenger plus 'freight' to be carried"

"Powering it will be a special, lightened Merc 70 hp triple with full gear shift that weighs only 150 lbs. WITH electric trim."

We'll have to wait until spring to hear how it performs.

"Finally got to run my "Dillon Dink" and it works super!" Jeff reports. "The motor (70 hp Merc triple) needs a ton more pitch (it's hitting 6 grand instantly) so its speed potential is not reached yet.

"Balance wise, I may have to relocate the seat and dashboard further aft, for the bow seems to be a bit heavy."

"The boat planes easily, turns like a Jetski, cruises effortlessly without porposing, and is VERY stable at rest--important for taking grand kids for boat rides! I'm very pleased."

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