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Rob Weiner builds a Dillon Laker SC12

Rob lives in Brewster, NY, USA.

As far as I know, he has built the very first Dillon Laker SC12.

Right away he has gotten creative with the coaming profile, and I like it.

A relatively deep transom will give this hull a little extra buoyancy when sitting still -- such as when lined up along the beach waiting for the race to start.

Although Rob is not a racer. However, the added buoyancy makes this boat better suited to the bigger 2-cylinder and smaller 3-cylinder motors.

Rob 'glassed the decks and (later) the coamings for a really durable finish.

The cockpit.

A well-secured fuel tank.

Rotary type steering, neatly threaded through the hull.

The motor is a four-stroke, 40hp Yamaha. That's got to be plenty heavy.

That first coat of paint really brings it all together.

Now that's a beautiful paint job!

"Hi Bob..., I just wanted to give you some follow up on my Laker SC12. I love this boat. It is extremely fun and handles like a race car. It brings a big smile to my face. The Yamaha 40 with a 15 pitch prop runs the boat well. Able to reach top speed of 45 mph. I have changed the prop several times and this seems to be the best size with this engine. I have a Yamaha 60 on order... this engine is about 25lbs heavier but I think the performance will be worth the extra weight. I know these engines are heavier then your design call for but the boat performs well regardless of the extra weight. I am very happy with the design and feel very comfortable behind the wheel.... Thanks, Rob"

Take a ride with Rob on YouTube.

"Hi Bob quick update. New engine and prop. Yamaha 70 prop 23 pitch black stainless. Just hit 63mph. May be even faster very windy here and choppy today. Rob"

Rob is not new to boatbuilding, having already completed two projects from the GlenL catalog.

This one is a replica of a 1940 Chris Craft Barrelback powered by a modern marine power 4.3L v6.

This one is a Crackerbox hull with Rob's own upper design. It has a marine power 5.7L v8.

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