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Jeff Talcott builds a Dillon Mini Tunnel
(See VIDEO at end of report)

TCPBA member Jeff Talcott is building this Dillon Mini at his home in Hancock, MI. Jeff is building the boat for another club member who will be racing it in GT Pro next season.

Jeff races in SST 60. His wife, Denise, is a Sport C racer, but also has her eye on GT Pro.

Jeff is adding a little shape to the tunnel plank, looking for a little more compression-generated lift. He also plans to give this boat a pickle-fork bow.

Note some changes Jeff has made in the transom beam. The angled ends on the tunnel plank battens will act as limbers to allow water to make its way to the cockpit, or perhaps into the sponsons, for easy removal.

The bottom planking brings it all together. Almost ready to turn over.

Another view of the bottom.

The deck is framed, the flotation is in place. The first part of the coaming has been cut and fit into place.

Here Jeff has created the pickle-fork bow, basically by raising a portion of the deck, and extending the front cowling. We'll have to wait to see how the rest of this comes together.

Another view of the bow. Jeff elected to frame up the cowling with a series of bulkheads rather than stringers.

Jeff treated the overhang of the tunnel plank a little differently, effectively extending the tunnel itself a few inches.

Ready to race? Well, almost. This Dillon Mini is now in the hands of it's owner, Tyler Welch. Tyler and his dad, Mark, did the finishing and are continuing with the set up. Here it on display at the World of Wheels show in St. Paul, January, 2008.

Addendum: June, 2008

Hangin' out with the big boats in Detroit Lakes and ready for it's first race.

Tyler's dad, Mark Welch, is a veteran boat racer and currently drives in SST 120, Formula 150 and occasionally Mod U and even Champ.

September, 2008:

Here's Tyler on the racecourse on the Mississippi River in Little Falls, MN. Before this weekend was over he'd have the dubious distinction of showing us that a GT class boat can indeed barrelroll in a corner. No damage to driver or boat, but a story to tell all winter.

A heat of GT Pro racing, including Tyler in his Mini Tunnel.

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