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The Dillon Mini Vee
Rebuilding the Mini GT class, part two

Fall/Winter 2009-10

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In an effort to bring back our Mini GT class, the Twin City Powerboat Association board last winter voted to add one homebuilt design to the class, to race alongside the production molded boats currently allowed. That design is the Dillon Mini Vee.

To support that change, I built a new Mini Vee last spring. This fall/winter I am building two more bare hulls, to be sold to new Mini GT racers. The first one is already built and is now in the hands of its new owner, Korgen Halver. (Korgen's brother Drake, who drove my new Mini last summer in GT Pro, recently became the owner of the original Mini Vee, which I sold in 2008.)

The second Mini Vee, which is currently under construction, does not yet have a buyer. It is available to any current or future TCPBA/APBA member who will complete the boat and race it in Mini GT in 2010. The price for the bare hull is extremely reasonable, and I can help you cost out the rest of the boat to race-ready condition.

The 'new' Dillon Mini Vee

On the following pages, I do not intend to show the entire building process. Been there, done that. Instead, I will highlight some construction details, especially in areas where I am making changing or trying something new.

See these highlights on the following pages:

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