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Construction Notes
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Before starting construction of your Pro Tunnel, I strongly suggest you review these notes to fully familiarize yourself with the entire building process.

Pro Tunnel stuff for builders, owners and
just plain fans of the Dillon Pro Tunnel
Page One -- Tunnel Sides
Page Two -- Bulkheads, Beams and Stem
Page Three -- Initial Assembly
Page Four -- Tunnel Battens, Sheer Clamps and Sponson Keels
Page Five -- Chines and Sponson Battens
Page Six -- Outer Transom, Tunnel Plank and Spray Rails
Page Seven -- Lower Sides and Sponson Pads
Page Eight -- Carlins and Deck Stringers
Page Nine -- Coaming
Page Ten -- Deck, Lifting Beams and Flotation
Page Eleven -- Installing the Coamings, Deck Battens and Deck
Page Twelve -- Cowling, Cowling Tips and Sponson Tips
Page Thirteen -- Finishing
Page Fourteen -- Setting Up

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