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Converting The Dillon Sport GT to Sport C

The Dillon Sport GT started out as a Sport C project. When that didn't work out, I converted it to a GT Pro racer. That worked out so well that I put the Sport C motor back on for a test and then decided to go back to Sport C.

What Sport C requires, and the GT Pro version lacked, was a reinforced cockpit. The rules for that are not entirely specific, but they do require that the sides extend up to the top of the driver's ear.

The existing cockpit sides were already two layers thick. I started this project by adding a third layer on the inside. This layer also establishes the increased height of the sides. Also, a layer of Kevlar fabric is sandwiched between the new plywood and the original sides. A second layer of Kevlar will be added to the inside surfaces of the new plywood layer.

To the outside of the existing cockpit, I added a layer to build up the raised side. A layer of Kevlar is underneath. The space between the outer and inner pieces is filled with a layer of plywood and a layer of 1/2" foam.

Here, I have also started to extend the bulkhead behind my seat.

Rather crude-looking at this point. Hopefully once I re-establish the trim molding at the top of the original sides, and paint everything, it will look like it belongs.

The bulkhead behind the seat is extended vertically with plywood and 1/2" foam, with Kevlar between (seen emerging from behind the foam and extending around to the cockpit sides). A second layer of Kevlar with follow, after the cockpit sides get their second layer.

The trim along the edge of the original coaming has been re-established, and everything painted white.

I also did some work back here. I had some chronic problems with plywood separating from the transom beam. I elected to seal this end of the hull with a cover piece.

With the molding painted, the new construction almost looks like it was original to the boat. Almost.

It's still dusty and dirty (birds in the shed have been using it for target practice), but almost ready for the water.

Just off the lake from the first test of 2011. Still stuck on 55mph, a bit off the pace, but it will have to do for now. Still experimenting with battery and fuel placement, trying to get the right balance.

First Sport C race, Champlin, MN. I came in fourth (aka last place).

See the beginning of the Sport GT project HERE.

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