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Building a Sport C Class Outboard Powerboat

This twelve-foot long tunnel boat is being developed and built for racing in the Sport C class. Sport C utilizes the two-cylinder, 40 horsepower Nissan or Tohatsu to achieve speeds approaching 60 mph. At these speeds a tunnel boat can literally fly.

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The tunnel spray rails have been installed. The sides being fitted.

fitting the sides

Installing the sides. The joints are just plywood-to-plywood for now. After the hull is turned over, these joints will be completed with epoxy fillets and fiberglass tape.

installing the sides

The outboard half of the sponson pads.

installing the sponson pads

The inboard half of the sponson pads. The joint between the two halves serves as another spray rail.

Almost ready to turn over.

outer sponson pads

And over she goes....

the hull is turned over

The seams are 'glass taped on the inside. Couldn't resist trying on the cockpit. Some trimming of the bottom edge will settle it down into the hull -- but it will stand up pretty tall.

trying on the cockpit

And here it's been trimmed and notched to fit into the hull. Ready to build a deck around it.

It seems awfully tall, and it is! This is pretty much the same size cockpit you might find on a much bigger boat. The cockpit is sized to fit a human driver, not a certain size boat.

cockpit fitted into the hull

The deck battens and carlins have been installed. I've started work on the coaming and transom.

carlins and deck battens installed

And now the coaming and the deck plywood are cut, but not permanently installed yet. This is about as far as I can go until I move it outside. I'll have to remove the deck, cockpit and coaming to get it through a 36" door. Wish me luck!! Maybe I'll finish the bottom first.

Once it is outside, I'll be able to get some good pictures from all angles.

deck plywood layed in place

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