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Building a Sport C Class Outboard Powerboat

This twelve-foot long tunnel boat is being developed and built for racing in the Sport C class. Sport C utilizes the two-cylinder, 40 horsepower Nissan or Tohatsu to achieve speeds approaching 60 mph. At these speeds a tunnel boat can literally fly.

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May, 2008, finally getting some work done on the Sport C again. Installed the transom, including two 1x3s which help tie it to the coaming and eventually the cockpit. The 1x3s have also been notched to receive the aft cowling.

A bit of molding to finish off the sides....

Nothing like a coat of paint to bring it all together, more than just an assemblage of parts and pieces. Another coat or two of primer and then it's on to setup.

While building the jackplate and the trim system, the motor is momentarily mounted on the hull.

My goal is to bring the Sport C to Beloit, WI on the weekend of July 12th-13th, for its first race.

It's on the trailer, almost ready for testing.

Finally in the water, but just breaking in the rebuilt engine for right now. A little bit of on-plane driving got me to about 25 mph. The real tests lie ahead.

A test run in Crosby, MN, during the races there in July, 2008.

Also that weekend, I was able to weigh the boat on the club scale. It confirmed what I already suspected: the Dillon Sport C was 30-35 lbs. overweight.

The boat sat for another year while I contemplated my next move. Now the move is made. See it HERE.

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