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Rebuilding The Dillon Sport C
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September 2014: The Dillon Sport C is back in the shop for some redesign work.

First step will be a deeper tunnel. This will raise the top of the tunnel (the tunnel plank) higher off the water, hopefully reducing instances of getting high-centered by waves which leads to spin out and other kinds of loss of control.

Later, I will be making some changes to the deck, partially for cosmetic reasons. However, I will also be reducing the area of the boat's sides, which will hopefully reduce "windage." This boat can be a bear in a crosswind.

Depending on testing and racing results next season, these changes eventually may be incorporated into the Dillon Sport C plans.

Tearing up a perfectly sound boat if difficult at first, but once you get started there's nothing to do but keep going.

A ripped up a sponson pad and an accumulating mess are incentive enough to forge ahead while I dream about all those races I'm going to win next season.

Time to build it back up. I'm adding 1.5 inches to the sponsons.

New stringers go in.

This is the first layer of the sponson pads.

I've learned to put on a second layer as well. These pads really take a beating.

This layer extends from the transom forward eight feet. The forward edge will be feathered into the first layer.

The final coats of epoxy finish contain graphite for that extra slippery surface.

Of course the transom doesn't need graphite, but it did need some finish, so it got some of the same mixture.

The pads sanded smooth, and some painting done in areas easier to get to while the hull is upside down, and she's done.

Right side up again. Time to bust up a perfectly good deck.


Again, nowhere to go but forward.

Ah, the rewards are becoming evident.

A new cross-member at each bulkhead, and a brand new pair of deck battens.

Add some 3mm plywood and the new look really takes shape.

A bit of paint brings it all together.

And here it is, the new look. Ready for the 2015 racing season, which is "only" six months away.

Plans for the Dillon Sport C and the Dillon Composite Cockpit are now available.

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