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Build Your Own High-Performance Tunnelboat
Tunnel boats fly over the water on the lift created by their airfoil-shaped hulls and the
air trapped between their sponsons.... read more.... or Buy Plans
Build Your Own High-Performance V-bottom
High-performance v-bottom boats ride high on their narrow pads, seemingly perched on
the bottom edges of their transoms.... read more.... or Buy Plans

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See Joeri Leeuwen's Youtube series documenting his Laker SC12 build.)

In the beginning....

The first Dillon racing boats were created in 2006 to fill a gap in the boat plans market for small tunnel and v-bottom boats eligible for nationally sanctioned racing. The earliest designs were intended for two-cylinder power in the 25hp to 40hp range. Since then, the design collection has extended into the 40hp to 80hp range.

Since 2006 these boats have won races and championships in American Powerboat Association races, and in 2011 made their debut at the OPC National Championships (Dillon boats took first and third).

Since 2006, Dillon racing boats have been built by amateur and pro builders around the world. See what these builders have accomplished in Customer Projects.

If you are looking for a small, high-performance boat that you can build and drive, then you've come to the right place. You don't have to be a professional boatbuilder to build one, and you don't have to be a racer to enjoy it. Each boat features straightforward plank-on-frame plywood construction and includes detailed instructions which you can review before you make a purchase.

Whether you want to race or just go fast or are looking for a fun and satisfying project, one of my designs may be just right for you.

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I am currently offering plans for eight high-performance boats, plus plans for a jackplate, seat and composite cockpit. For more information, including VIDEO from APBA races, or to make a purchase, follow the links under the photos above. Or take a look at the comparison table of all my designs to help you choose the boat that best meets your need for speed.

VIDEO: See Dillon boats in APBA-sanctioned racing action.

More specific information on the Tunnelboat Page or the V-Bottom Page. See also my Jack Plate Plans.

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