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Racing V-bottom Plans

    All boat plans include:
  • Measured Drawings, ready to be drawn full-size right on the plywood
  • Notes on wood, scantlings, fastenings, hardware, etc.
  • Online "Construction Notes" which you can review BEFORE you purchase plans
Build your own v-bottom raceboat Dillon Mini Vee 11'11" v-bottom for motors to 40 hp
(130 lbs max) or GT Pro class racing
Easily lengthened for larger motors
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Build your own v-bottom racing boat Dillon Pro Vee 12'7" v-bottom for motors to 40 hp
(130 lbs max) or GT Pro class racing
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High-performance v-bottom boats ride high on their narrow pads, seemingly perched on the bottom edges of their transoms. Although lacking the turning ability of tunnelboats, v-bottoms offer excellent hole-shot and top end, and at higher speed ranges provide that floating/rolling feeling that make them so much fun to drive -- and exciting to watch on the racecourse. A moderately powered Dillon v-bottom is a safe, easy-to-drive, high-performance boat that's fun to build and own.

Since 2006 these Dillon-designed boats have won races and championships in American Powerboat Association races, and have raced -- and won -- at the OPC National Championships. My plans have been purchased by amateur and pro builders around the world.

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I am currently offering plans for two v-bottom boats, as seen in the photos displayed above. Please follow the links under the photos to make a purchase, or to find further information about the individual designs.

I designed and built the Dillon Mini Vee v-bottom in 2006, raced it in a few Mini GT races that season, then upgraded it for GT Pro for 2007 and won the highpoints championship. The Mini Vee is the ONLY homebuilt boat approved for Mini GT, and currently dominates the class. What's more, the Mini Vee is very simple to build, can be constructed with inexpensive exterior plywood, and is an ideal project for the first-time boatbuilder. The Mini Vee is easily stretched into a longer boat to handle larger motors.

The bottom of the Dillon Pro Vee v-bottom is modeled after Critchfield, LeeCraft, Rapid Craft and similar production boats. As a consequence, the curvy bottom planking makes this a project perhaps better suited for a more accomplished builder. My Pro Vee was consistently the fasted boat in GT Pro when I raced it in 2008 and 2009, and it won the highpoints championship both years. (The boat hasn't been raced since then, but has been sold and I'm hoping it will come back.)

See also my Tunnel Boats.

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