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Dillon Mini Vee
Mini GT / GT Pro Racing V-bottom Boat
Construction Notes
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Before starting construction of your Mini Vee, I strongly suggest you review these notes to fully familiarize yourself with the entire building process.

Page One -- Bulkheads and Coaming

Page Two -- Keel

Page Three -- Stringers, Glue Blocks & Breasthook

Page Four -- Sheer Clamps

Page Five -- Beveling the Framework

Page Five-A -- Fixing the Turn

Page Six -- Outer Transom and Bottom Plywood

Page Seven -- Pad, Lifting Strakes

Page Eight -- Turn Over, Flotation, Carlins

Page Nine -- The Deck

Page Ten -- Dashboard, Front Cowling

Page Eleven -- Motorboard

Page Twelve -- Drain Hole, Trim

Page Thirteen -- Finishing

Page Fourteen -- Setting Up

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