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Mini Vee Race Boat Plans
Page Three
Stringers, Glue Blocks & Breasthook

Install the stringers where the coamings meet the bottom plywood. Trim flush at transom and bulkhead #1. Notch out as needed so as not to block the limbers cut into the coaming.

Also notice cleat added to bulkhead #4. Do the same with all bulkheads.

Please note: If you are building a boat for sanctioned racing, you will want to install lengths of 2x4 from bulkhead #3 to bulkhead #4 instead of the smaller stringer shown. (Feel free to extend the 2x4s a couple of inches beyond each bulkhead.) These will serve as anchors for lifting rings. This also might be a good time to drill the holes for those lifting rings, ready for intallation later. Locate the lifting rings a few inches aft of bulkhead #3, and keep in mind that the 2x4 is going to be beveled off later.

Install glue blocks to the outer ends of bulkheads. Appoximately 2" sections of 1x1 will do. Blocks on bulkheads one and two need to be angled to match angle of sheer clamps to the bulkheads. You may be able to pick up these angles from the drawing. Or you can bend a batten, or the sheer clamps themselves, around the boat to determine the angles.

Install breast hook halves onto forward end of stem. Align top surface (keeping in mind the boat is now upside-down) of breast hook with top edge of stem. The notches shown cut into the breasthook halves make them easier to clamp into place.

Also install glue blocks along both sides of bottom edge of stem. Two or three pieces each side, roughly mitered together, will do the trick. I used 1.5" stock, but 1" would work as well.

Another view of the stem glue blocks.

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