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Mini Tunnel (Redesigned Version) Boat Plans
Page Ten

The motorboard is laminated to a total thickness of at least 1.5 inches.

I generally make mine from two layers of 5/8" CDX plywood and two layers of 5mm luan plywood for a total thickness of 1-5/8".

The rough demension of this blank is 20" x 20".

NOTE: Though this is a rather tall motorboard, this boat is intended for use with a shortshaft motor. Motors on high-performance boats are mounted much higher than for other craft.

If you expect to use a longshaft motor, make your motorboard 5" taller than shown in these plans.

Carefully cut the width of the motorboard to cleanly fit between the coamings. Bevel the bottom edge to match the tunnel plank.

Your motorboard should measure about 18.5" tall, measured up from the tunnel plank along the forward face of the 'board.

Note also the cleats added along the edges of the motorboard where it meets the coamings and tunnel plank. 3/4" square stock is sufficient for this purpose.

3/4" x 2-1/2" reinforcements are notched into the upper corners of the motorboard, and extend forward to the cockpit bulkhead at Station #4.

Note that the coamings extend 1.5 inches aft of the motorboard. Cleats made from 1/2" to 3/4" lumber (clamped into place temporarily at this point) will be installed here to support the motorboard.

I am dismayed to see some of my customers neglect this step, simply cutting off the coaming flush with the aft face of the 'board. Please don't join that group.

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