Dillon Mini Tunnel (Redesigned Version)
Recreational/Racing Tunnel Boat
Construction Notes
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Before starting construction of your Dillon Mini Tunnel, I strongly suggest you review these notes to fully familiarize yourself with the entire building process.

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NOTE: Since I have not built the Mini Tunnel in its redesigned form, procedures and pictures for these notes have been adapted from other boats, particularly the Laker 14, which it most resembles.

Page One -- Tunnel Sides & Bulkheads

Page Two -- Initial Assembly & Cross-beams

Page Three -- Tunnel

Page Four -- Sponson Stringers

Page Five -- Sponson Sides and Pads

Page Six -- Deck Stringers

Page Seven -- Coaming

Page Eight -- Upper Sides, Deck & Flotation

Page Nine -- Cockpit

Page Ten -- Motorboard

Page Eleven -- Trim and Finish

Page Twelve -- Steering System

Page Thirteen -- Jackplate and Trim

Page Fourteen -- Other Hardware

Page Fifteen -- Finishing

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