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Construction of the Dillon Pro Tunnel

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My plywood, which was shipped on December 2nd and then lanquished in a freight terminal for nearly three weeks, finally arrived on the last day of 2008.

Job one is the tunnel plank. Here the major part of it is dry assembled with clamps, cleats and weights.

The sponson sides and pads are installed, along with spray rails in the tunnel and spray rails on the sponson sides. Just a little sanding left to do.

The port-side sponson pad had a couple of low spots that needed filling; the starboard pad had some high areas. In the end, the longboard makes all things right.

Next step is a few coats of epoxy, then turn-over.

The hull is turned over, and the main longitudinals are in place.

The upper sides are on, and the flotation is in place. Here's the first test fitting of the coaming. The downslope from the dashboard to the bow has yet to be cut.

Trimmed to its final profile, and the cowling tip framed.

The coaming and motorboard are now permanently installed. Now adding deck stringers. The deck plywood is already cut and ready to install.

The deck is on, the hull is almost complete. Just some trim to be added, screw holes to fill, and general sanding and cleanup.

Although there are a few small pieces yet to add, I couldn't wait to see how much she weighs. 220 lbs., I'm ecstatic!! Subtract five lbs. for the lifting harness, and add it back on for the remaining pieces and I think this is a pretty accurate measurement. I had calculated that it must come in under 245 lbs., so there's still a little wiggle room.

A couple of minor things to clean up, but effectively finished. Next step it to move it out of the shop and onto a trailer.

And here she is, looking small in the sunshine.

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