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Construction of the Dillon Pro Vee

Fall 2007 / Winter 2008

The Dillon Pro Vee is a v-bottom racing powerboat intended for racing in GT Pro, an APBA Sportsman class raced in events organized by the Twin City Powerboat Association in Minnesota, USA. I raced this boat in 2008 and 2009 and won the highpoints championship both seasons.

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My initial drawings yielded a 12'1" boat, a few inches longer than the Mini Vee. I then stretched that out to create a boat a little over 13' long.

A third version of the Pro Vee would include 5-point restraints to hold the driver firmly in place. This would have required a shoulder-high bulkhead behind the seat, and a rear cowling for a finishing touch.

I started out building the third version, then went back to the "regular" 13-foot boat.

The Dillon Pro Vee coming this winter
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