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Building The Dillon Sport C
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Have you heard the one about the guy who built a boat in his basement only to discover that he couldn't get it out the door? Oh yeah, I laughed at that guy too. And then I measured my door.

Well, not exactly. I had a plan all along, and now it's time to set it in motion.

It starts with a blank piece of stud wall in the walkout side of my house. Nearly blank -- my firewood door is here, and will have to be sacrificed.

Step two: Shore up the floor joists so the studs can be removed without the house falling down.

Studs gone, a header installed, the temporary supports removed.

Ready to cut the opening.... But first it's time to build the doors and frame.

Plywood, 2x4s and high-density foam make passable doors.

These babies are 44" wide, enough to give me an opening just over seven feet wide.

Now hold your breath and really commit to this project. There's no turning back now.

I am absolutely baffled: Who's mess IS that in in there?

Believe it or not, there's a Sport C boat partially visible in the background.

Ah, that's better. Very close to getting that boat out into the sunshine.

And here she comes....

And here she is.

Presenting the Dillon Sport C. Long may she go fast (and turn left).

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