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Building The Dillon Sport C
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Moved the hull to the double trailer. Then installed the jackplate and hung the motor. The trim pump and ram are in place, hooked up and functioning properly.

Still have steering to hook up, a few wires and then hopefully ready for the maiden test run.

Initial test runs were positive, with a top speed of 55mph, good acceleration and decent holeshot. Some setup adjustments and propeller work should improve on that.

A good suit of graphics helps too, of course.

Cowling painted.

My first race!! I took sixth place. AKA last place. So, there's more work to do.

Later that same season.

My engine fails early, so I'm out of the first two heats. Advance forward to 16:40 minutes to see me participating in the last heat.

Okay, I'm still not competitive, but I'm happy with the way the boat behaves. Just need to improve the performance through propeller and setup adjustments.

At the 2012 National Championships in Kankakee, IL, Jess Olsen spun out in front of me and we crashed. We both continued on and finished the heat, although she didn't turn out for the final heat, or the Sport C Marathon race the following day.

A short video that shows the crash.

Plans for the Dillon Sport C and the Dillon Composite Cockpit are now available.

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